Led by Rubén Polendo, the Associate Dean of the Arts Center, Theater Mitu has been a force on campus and in the Theater Program from the start at NYUAD. Polendo has always framed Theater Mitu’s work as an investigation and research which drives its international training programs and Whole Theater Training methodology, and it is this that the company brings to Abu Dhabi. Through NYU Abu Dhabi, Theater Mitu has conducted research initiatives in Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Nepal, India, Jordan, Mongolia, Peru, Japan, Bali, Mexico, and beyond.

“…nothing short of marvelous… powerfully moving… nobody with a taste for the epic and imaginative should miss Theater Mitu.”
— Mitchell Conway, nytheatre.com

In 2011, Theater Mitu had the privilege of creating and producing the first professional theater production created and produced in Abu Dhabi, entitled CHAOS. NYU Abu Dhabi’s second student-led production of The Odyssey, adapted and directed by Polendo, was performed at Manarat al Saadiyat. The show was the collaborative effort of student actors as well as artists, directors, and producers from both NYUAD and Theater Mitu.

Since then the company has gone on to produce A Dream Play in 2012 and presented Juárez: A Documentary Mythology in 2014. With Theater Mitu’s guidance, students have participated in research trips to South India and Nepal in addition to numerous appenticeships on Mitu productions on campus. In 2012, under the guidance of Polendo and Theater Mitu, NYU Abu Dhabi premiered its first student-run production, The Ramayana.

“Authentic magic happens only rarely… those rare, wonderful moments when we see one thing on stage with our eyes, but our hearts tell us we’re seeing something entirely different… [this] production is filled with such moments…”
— Martin Denton, nytheater.com

Theater Mitu has also toured productions to Abu Dhabi as well as used it as a landscape for the development for new company created pieces. With the goals of building a vibrant, global theater program for NYUAD, and sharing the arts with communities whose exposure to theater is nearly non-existent, Theater Mitu hopes to continue to create a dynamic production life for both the University and Theater Mitu in Abu Dhabi.