We will be going on an extraordinary journey together – a journey filled with creativity and imagination, beauty and intellect. A journey that will explore the range of human emotion and ideas. A journey that will inspire a sense of wonder and awe, contemplation and curiosity, and perhaps, occasional disorientation.

A journey rooted in tradition, but like Abu Dhabi itself, constantly looking to the future. A journey that will inspire consideration of bold new ideas, and re-evaluation of ways of seeing. A journey that will build communities of people with common interests as well as diverse histories, generations and backgrounds. And let’s not forget…this is going to be a fun ride, for audiences of all ages.

As an integral part of NYU Abu Dhabi, The Arts Center will draw on the resources of the University to be a dynamic place for research, investigation, and the active pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, for our audiences as well our visiting artists.

Performances on our multiple stages will be only part of the equation. Art is not merely a product; it is a process, of exploration, experimentation, failure and success. We will support artists in their creation and development of new and expanded work through commissioning programs, workshops and creative residencies. NYUAD will provide artists with the time, space, and intellectual framework needed to develop new works and push their forms, inviting our audiences into the process along the way through master classes, open rehearsals, and artist talks.

Each of the Arts Center’s gorgeous new spaces – the Black Box, the Red Theater, the Blue Hall, and the Screening Room – will take on its own identity over time. Expect to experience music, theater, dance, poetry, film, family programs, and lots of work that cuts across forms and disciplines. Enjoy visual art exhibitions and installations in the Project Space, curated by our colleagues at the NYUAD Art Gallery. Experience free performances on the public plazas of NYUAD’s Saadiyat Island campus, as well as in our outdoor amphitheater on the High Line.

The Arts Center is here to serve a large and diverse public, each coming with their own taste, their own experience. We invite you to come with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to engage. A performance is not unidirectional act. It’s a call to conversation – with the artists, with your fellow audience members, with us. We want to hear from you – in post-show conversations, in letters, in articles for our blogs. Tweet at us at @NYUADArtsCenter. Post on our Facebook page. Stop us in the lobby. Most importantly, engage with us. Make this place your own. Bring your friends. Bring your kids. Bring your parents. You are all invited.

The Arts Center will bring the communities of NYUAD, Abu Dhabi, and the region together through a shared artistic journey. As we travel, the course may change, and we’ll explore new directions and new landscapes. Some paths will be familiar, while at other times, we’ll step into the unknown together.

We invite you to come explore with us.

Bill Bragin
Executive Artistic Director
The Arts Center