A season brimming with talent ignites with a thrilling combination of dance, music, and film by three artistic pioneers. Marking the start of a rich schedule of music, dance, theater, family events, film, spoken word, and Off The Stage events awaits

Abu Dhabi, August 2017: The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) is ready for its opening show, as Lucinda Childs Dance Company raises the curtain on another exhilarating season.

On September 5, the 700-seat Red Theater with its expansive 6000 square foot stage opens the season with DANCE – A thrilling multimedia collaboration making its Gulf premiere, by three pioneers who emerged out of one of the most vibrant and prolific periods in New York’s art world: Lucinda Childs, Philip Glass, and Sol LeWitt

Lucinda Childs Dance Company brings their signature work from the late 70s, a follow up to Childs’ and Philip Glass’ collaboration on Robert Wilson’s landmark opera Einstein on the Beach, to the Capital for the first time. With music by Glass, eleven dancers seamlessly interact with an original film of the performance by Sol LeWitt, which in turn forms the work’s décor. Don’t miss this performance as it is the last tour of Dance after the 10 year revival.

Lucinda Childs is a postmodern choreographer, dancer, and actress whose compositions are known for their minimalistic movements yet complex transitions. The musical score was written by Philip Glass, who is regarded as one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. The film was created by visual artist Sol LeWitt, who was prolific in a wide range of media including drawing, printmaking, photography, painting, installation, and artist’s books.

The upcoming season also has an expansive selection of Off The Stage events. And the Lucinda Childs Dance Company is no exception to this, offering a dance workshop, an artist talk about the revival of historic works presented in collaboration with the NYUAD Art Gallery, as well as a post-show Q&A, along with artist visits to selected NYUAD academic classes. Open to all (except for academic classes), these events give residents of the UAE a deeper, more intimate insight into the arts.

Ahead of the opening show and first of the many exciting Off The Stage events, Bill Bragin, executive artistic director at NYUAD Arts Center, said: “We are thrilled to open The Arts Center’s 4th season with the momentum generated by this exceptional work by three of the world’s most influential artists, all of whom redefined their respective artforms. Dance is a joyous work, showcasing stunning dancers swirling on and off stage to the propulsive score by Philip Glass. With the current company dancing within projections of Lucinda Childs’ original company in Sol LeWitt’s film from the late 70’s, the piece jumps across time and space as it shows the emotional power, a beautifully abstract performance can have. It’s a stunning performance.”

Marking her return to Abu Dhabi, Lucinda Childs said: “My company had the special opportunity to be invited to perform as part of the grand opening of the stunning Louvre museum last fall, which was an eye-opening experience for all of us, and marked our first visit to the gulf. It is always a treasured occasion when we can return to a city and continue to develop community with its arts lovers, educators, administrators and the institutions that they represent. Abu Dhabi’s cultural district epitomizes the future vision of how our global arts conversation is moving forward, and I am very happy to continue my participation in this commerce together with Bill Bragin and the great team at The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi.”