Films are drawn from the classes the Idea of the Cell, Vision to Visual, and Docufiction.


The Origin of Eukaryotes | Benny Lu | 2014 | UAE | 6 min

Recombinant DNA and hybridization illustrated.

Do You See What I See? | Eduardo Campillo | 2014 | UAE | 4 min

A walk though a day in the life of Pablo. Pablo, a college sophomore, suffers from developmental prosopagnosia, a brain defect that impedes him from processing and recognizing faces properly.

A Fly Called Fig | Samuel Ridgeway | UAE | 4 min

Fig is different from other fruit flies, though he won’t know until metamorphosis. This is his story.

Abu Dhabi | Mira Santos | 2014 | UAE | 6 min

A curious girl documents the lives of a marginalized group of gazelles on the Saadiyat Island Golf Club in Abu Dhabi, a city discovered through a gazelle and whose name translates into “rich in gazelles” in Arabic.

Kunstkammer | Christine Hristova | 2014 | UAE | 4 min

Kunstkammer, or ‘cabinet of curiosities’, refers to collections of unusual objects assembled during the Renaissance. This short film acts as a Kunstkammer, and it aims to make the viewers conscious of how they perceive artworks.

Blindness 2 Sight | Allen Magnusson | 2014 | UAE | 4 min

New technology restores partial vision to the blind.

Speak | Evgeny Zverev | 2014 | UAE | 6 min

During a Transient Ischemic Attack‎, blood flow becomes blocked and neurological function is disrupted. The effects can be startling, though temporary.

Recycle | Dia Lautenschlager | 2014 | UAE | 4 min

The haunting images of memory and video diary.

Video Ergo Sum | Karolina Anna Uchman | 2014 | UAE | 3 min

A traumatic experience leads to a search for the workings of the eye, in actuality and in metaphor.

Sequence of Life | Shakhbout Al Kaabi | 2014 | UAE | 5 min

Anxiety, lifespan, and the shortening of the telomere.

Chococell | Sasha Gurskaya | 2014 | UAE | 5 min

The neuropharmacology of chocolate.