SOKA AFRIKA | 76 min | UK | 2010

Directed by Suridh Hassan

This brilliantly realized feature-length documentary follows a group of aspiring African footballers from across the continent in the run-up to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The film focuses on two promising young men, Ndomo from Cameroon and Kermit from South Africa, as they pursue by very different means their shared dream of a lucrative European contract, and on a Cameroonian international who makes it his mission to help them.

Shortlisted for Best Documentary
One World Media Awards (Feb.2012)
Winner – Best Picture Award
Palermo International Sports Film Festival (Dec. 2011)
Winner – Golden Whistle Award
Kicking + Screening Film Festival, New York. (Aug.2011)

“Fascinating… staggering… Insightful film making…”


“Stylish..Eye-opening….Hoop Dreams with studs on.”


“Visually rich and engaging..Amazing”