Theater is child’s play in one of the happiest projects ever conceived of in the world of family entertainment: a pure and joyous celebration of the power of children’s imaginations.

A giant public construction site, We Built This City uses thousands and thousands of cardboard boxes and the energy of kids and families to build a magnificent imagined city. Buildings go up, are pulled down, redesigned, extended, walked through and reconstructed before the whole thing is knocked down into a gloriously chaotic heap of cardboard rubble. It simultaneously places children in the role of performer, creator, audience and architect. It is not a play… it is play.

“[We Built This City] is the most fun you can have in the entire world.”
–Emma Sartori, The Bendigo Miner, AUS

Underscored by a rocking soundtrack from an on-site DJ, the participants are guided by performers who play construction workers, facilitating free play, performing as hilarious characters and setting tasks which bring people together in unity. With a building-stomping finale, kids of all ages are in for a memorable day.

Polyglot’s most enduring work, the piece has toured continuously since its 2001 premiere. Over 30,000 children have participated in its many seasons, which include the Kennedy Center in Washington, the Melbourne International Arts Festival, Awesome Festival Perth, the Sydney Opera House, the Esplanade Theatre SingaPore, and the Act3 Children’s Festival.

“The veteran children’s troupe are masters of interactive play.”
–Paola Totaro, The Age, UK


Polyglot Theatre is Australia’s leading creator of experiential, interactive and installation theatre for children and families, encouraging kids to turn the simplest things into extraordinary creations. Inspired by the artwork, play and ideas of children, Polyglot creates imagined worlds where audiences actively participate in performance through touch, play and encounter. At Polyglot, theatre is child’s play. For over 30 years, from tiny Australian towns to the world’s leading arts centers, Polyglot has ignited children’s imaginations.

“A feat remarkable for its simplicity.”
—The Age, Melbourne, Australia