Now entering its fifteenth year, Short+Sweet is the biggest festival of ten-minute theatre in the world! In partnership with The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi, 2016 is Abu Dhabi’s year to join the Short+Sweet family.

Plays, encompassing every genre imaginable, will be staged over two nights. In addition to the actors and directors being UAE-based, many of the plays being staged have been written by members of the capital’s theatre scene. Held in the BlackBox from January 22-23rd.

Short + Sweet Abu Dhabi Programme Info


TOP 10

Friday January 22nd and Saturday January 23rd at 7.30pm

VENUE: Black Box, Arts Centre of NYU AD

50 Guns

Writer: Alex Broun (Australia/Dubai)

Director: Charlie Cunningham

Cast: Maitri Saxena (Emma)

50 guns. 50 deaths. But some are too painful to revisit.

Electric Lamentations

Writer & Director: Hurr Al-Dalli (Abu Dhabi)

Producers: Hurr Al-Dalli & Faisal “Trickster” Al-Jadir

Presented by Resuscitation Theatre

Cast: Hurr Al-Dalli

Flight Attendants Attending

Writer: Simone McGregor (UK/Abu Dhabi)

Director: Simone McGregor

Cast: Ashleigh Edwards Pitt (Alexandra), Juzbi Walia (Fiorella), Zakaia Cvitanovch (Woman) , Muatasem Al Shuaibi (Man)

Cabin Crew seats for take off and into the air we go! Watch closely we may experience a little bit of in-flight turbulence…

The Golden Apple:

Writer: Faisal “Trickster” Al-Jadir (Abu Dhabi)

Director: Faisal “Trickster” Al-Jadir

Producers: Hurr Al- Dali, Faisal “Trickster” Al-Jadir

Presented by Resuscitation Theatre

Cast: Gabriel Kennedy (The Owner); Darko Dimeski (The Stranger), Hurr Al-Dali (The Regular)

A mysterious stranger shows up at a seedy tavern, inquiring about a person of interest.

It’s the Quiet Ones You Have to Watch Out For

Writer: Chris Sims (India)

Director: Tashia Dorsey

Cast: Tashia Dorsey (Window Dresser), Nicole Hargrow (Female Mannequin), James Kinnard (Male Mannequin)

In a rather shabby department store window two mannequins stand gazing with fixed smiles, but when no one is looking these magical mannequins cause quite a stir.


Writer: Nick White (UK/Abu Dhabi)

Director: Nick White

Cast: Nick White (Nick)

Nick is never late. He is too busy to be late. But now, he is late. Very late. And now he could very well find himself in a situation he’s had nightmares about. Will he stay in the safety of his own world or will he take a step out into the unknown?

Love Diplomats

Writer: Juan Ramirez (USA)

Director: Angeleene Abraham

Presented by Beyond the Veil

Cast: Angeleene Abraham (Estel), Zakaia Cvitanovich (Isabel).

Two women, one man. An age-old predicament… who will win?


Writer: Faisal Al Yafai (UK/Abu Dhabi)

Director: Marianne Catalan

Cast: Gabriel Kennedy (Omar) and Jade Oswald (Anna)

A woman escaping a war meets a man from her past.

Platform Tales

Writer: Baindu D. Kalokoh (Abu Dhabi)

Director: Baindu D. Kalokoh

Cast: Baindu D. Kalokoh (Michelle)

One woman’s recount of riding the New York City subway.

Rucking Good Time

Writer: Zakaia Cvitanovich (Abu Dhabi)

Director: Sanoop Dinesh

Presented by Beyond the Veil

Cast: Rob Reader (Savage), Adithya Thomas Prakash (Simple), RayCunninghan (Smooth), Stephen Tofts (Sweet).

A regular evening sports practice takes an unexpected turn. Will socks prevent the physical activity? Or will it be practice as usual?


Saturday January 23rd at 3.00pm

VENUE: Black Box, Arts Centre of NYU AD



Director: PERI DESAI


When two girls meet each other in a store’s fitting room neither imagines how they see themselves will change in that chance encounter.

The Last Supper

Writer: Cerise de Gelder (Australia)

Director: Mufaddal Bootwala

Presented by Orb Theatricals

Cast: Sabiha Majgaonkar (Louisa)

Louisa has sinned all her life with hardly any regrets until she commits her latest sin…this one she cannot live with. A confession is due.

Ugly Saber

Writer: Based on the book Ugly Saber by Iwona Taida Drozd, based on an Emirati folk tale

Director: Stephen Delano

Presented by Maplewood International School

Cast: The Ensemble: Ahmed Abdelaziz, Yaser Alkahlout, Osama El Mezayen, Safwan Khan, Asem Mahmoud, Moke Mowatt, Omar Wehbe,

Ugly Saber is presented by Maplewood International School, based on the children’s book which is available in book stores across the UAE.

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