One of NY’s most innovative theater companies, 600 Highwaymen, presents the Middle East Premiere of The Fever.

Take part in a moving piece of participatory theater. A lovely, poignant meditation on human connection and disconnection, performed in complete collaboration with the audience. This performance is on the stage of The Red Theater and is for an intimate audience of only 80 people per show for a limited number of performances. Watch the trailer below for a taste of what is in store for you.

Friendliness Can Be Contagious…THE FEVER seeks to break down those unseen walls we all put up around us, to acknowledge that we are all here. Together. Now.” – The New York Times

Explore individual and collective responsibility, and our willingness to be there for one another. Performed in complete collaboration with the audience, The Fever examines how we assemble, organize and care for the bodies around us. Who will you be when our eyes are on you? What will we see when we all look your way?
Originally commissioned by The Public Theater

“One of New York’s best nontraditional companies” – The New Yorker

Watch the full video

600 HIGHWAYMEN (moniker for artists Abigail Browde & Michael Silverstone) constructs expansive performances that illuminate the inherent poignancy and theatricality of people together ­— exploring a radical approach to making live art, and constructing events that create intimacy among strangers. Developed using creative methods ranging from the mainstream to the peculiar, their work is a rigorously tuned investigation of presence and humanity — not only in performance, but in process and aftermath.

“A lovely, haunting meditation on human connection, and disconnection … a poetic evocation of our mostly unspoken — and un-called-upon — dependence on one another.” – The New York Times