The semesterly Attitude Dance Recital represents a critical effort to provide a platform for dance in Abu Dhabi, not only as a way for students to showcase their work throughout the semester, but also as a means to expose others to dance.

This year, the dance recital moves into The Red Theater for the first time, and we invite you to join us and revel in dance. This features approximately twenty performances and over 100 performers, covering a wide range of dance styles, including Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Ballroom Dancing, Salsa, Ballet, and other unique varieties such as Chinese Ribbon Dance, Haka Dance, and Latvian Folk Dance.

NYU Abu Dhabi’s diversity of international students is reflected in this showcase of dance, which also represents a unique opportunity to experience diverse cultures of dance – all in one evening, one venue, and at no cost.

Interested in performing?
Performances are open to everyone – should that be of interest, click here.