Directed by Mahmoud Al Massad

RECYCLE is a portrait of the city as seen through the eyes of Abu Ammar, a 40-something Jordanian who served as a mujahid during the Afghan-Soviet War and the former owner of a failed grocery store who now struggles to support his two wives and eight children by collecting discarded cardboard for sale to a recycling plant. A deeply religious man, he has also collected thousands of scraps of paper with Islamic sayings that he intends to use in a book on jihad as soon as he can find a publisher. 


Mahmoud Al Massad received international acclaim for his work. In 2002, he was chosen as the Arab Ambassador of Culture. Much of his work is featured in curricula of film academies in Europe. His film RECYCLE won the World Best Cinematography Award at Sundance in 2008, screened at over 130 international film festivals. His latest film BLESSED BENEFIT premiered in 2016 at Toronto International Film Festival and won the NETPAC jury award for the Best Asian film as well as the best acting award at Warsaw Film Festival.