Children will be delighted to join in the creative process as two dancers paint on air, immersing the audience in a colorful environment made of music and digital images in which the children play.

Onstage there is a butterfly house made of gauze and colorful images projected onto a white carpet and two big wings enwrapping all the space. Two dancers move, play, paint in the air; they are light and invite the audience to discover a fascinating process, the slow metamorphosis which transforms a chrysalis into a butterfly.

“…Compose lullabies with your feet, chase caterpillars on your bottom and get ready to interact with a theatrical experience designed for the eyes, ears, knees…Images and sounds are created in real time, making the audience the artists as well the two performers…” – OneSuffolk Review

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Under the direction of Francesco Gandi and Davide Venturini, Italy’s COMPAGNIA TPO (Teatro di Piazza o d’Occasione) is the world’s foremost pioneer in interactive performance media for all ages – creating works for proscenium and alternative spaces – melding astonishing digital imagery with multi- disciplinary performance techniques in the use of music, dance, art, sculpture, digital media, computer technology, lighting and sound. Their vision of accessibility in the arts is unprecedented, simultaneously allowing festivals and venues worldwide their most rewarding audience experiences while redefining them from the inside out.

“A delightful hour long show. “Farfalle” has a wonderfully inviting atmosphere, offering a sensory feast the embraces the audience with both sights and sounds”. – Globe Newspaper Company


  • Compagnia TPO in co-production with Teatro Metastasio Di Prato
  • Artistic Direction: Francesco Gandi, Davide Venturini
  • Choreography: Anna Balducci, Piero Leccese
  • Visual Design: Elsa Mersi
  • Sound Design: Spartaco Cortesi
  • Computer Engineering: Rossano Monti
  • Voice Over: Charlotte Zerbey
  • Costumes: Loretta Mugnai
  • Props: Valerio Calonego, Livia Cortesi, Gregory Petitqueux
  • Collaboration on script Stefania Zampiga