Aisha, Fatima and Ghareeb are amongst the best known honey specialists in the northern parts of the UAE. Ghareeb has established a bee sanctuary a top of one of the mountains, while Fatima and Aisha prefer to roam the mountains. Meanwhile, the bees are coping with climate change and survival challenges. While integral to the lives of Aisha, Fatima and Ghareeb, the bees may not be able to continue providing for long.

86 min / Nujoom Alghanem / UAE / 2016

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The film will be preceded by:

Remnants of the Hive (8 min / Madison E Moore / UAE / 2016)

After the apocalypse, 15 year-old Mina is faced with the role of caregiver as her grandfather’s memory begins to deteriorate. By considering parallels between the behaviors of honeybees and humans, this short narrative film explores the distinction between love and obligation and the implications of sacrifice. It stars award-winning American artist, John Torreano, alongside British-Algerian actress, Farah Taleb, and was shot on location in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.