MADNATORY – madness is mandatory! Leo Sax’s experimental opera explores distinctive philosophical and theological topics regarding life, death and afterlife, good and evil, existence of the soul and redemption of human sins.

The main character gets to Limbo, because he voluntarily ended his life after a tragedy – the loss of his mother, in whose death he feels guilty. He does not remember the last events and lives his repetitive days in the new ‘town’ where he uses sleeping pills to block his constant nightmares from appearing. In Limbo, the character encounters two forces, which are fighting for his soul. Because of the nature of his sin – misery and weakness, he gets a second chance. It is impossible for him to redeem his sins, but it is possible to remember in order to escape from Limbo that has only one route leading to oblivion.

The music of the opera is a fusion of different genres. The audience will not see ordinary orchestra or band of musicians on stage. Instead, guests will hear a blend of real and artificial instruments. Some of them were played and recorded by the cast itself, others were created by mixing electronics and samples.
Delve deeper into madness and uncertainty with cabaret style tunes, accompanied by the sounds of ‘drunken’ piano, bass woodwinds, church bells and even footsteps. And this is just the beginning…