At this annual student-led event, TEDxNYUAD presents 9 stories from across the globe offering thought-provoking questions, diverse perspectives, and above all, impactful ideas. TEDxNYUAD a platform for stories to be shared, and we are honored to welcome you to third edition.

This year, hosts speakers from the UAE, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Armenia, The Netherlands, Canada, and the United States. 9 speakers will share experiences, observations, ideas and research that has shaped the way they look at the world around them.

The theme emphasizes the beauty of small stories, big issues and how personal experiences provide a new outlook. An outlook by which to observe larger concepts and address major issues that concern our world today.

The talks that might challenge your thoughts on being a global leader, terrorism and self-sacrifice, and how profanity and make-up can provide a means of empowerment. Hear a first-hand account of what it is like to live through the effects of the Boko Haram insurgency, and the challenges of growing up being racially discriminated in the United States. Our speakers will be addressing concerns such as the divide between those who use and those who create technology, how Armenian superstitions have an effect on gender inequality, and how minority languages – like Shona in Zimbabwe – are rapidly dying.