The tango and the bandoneòn encapsulate the passionate spirit of South America. In this special celebratory concert, hear new arrangements of treasured works performed by some of the world’s best.

As ‘La Cumparsita’, the definitive and most iconic tango, reaches its 100th anniversary, the concert will bring alive the eternal energy that makes it one of the most recognisable tangos of all time, while also exploring the diversity of the instrument.

The programme of iconic works will include contemporary and traditional tangos, as well as innovative arrangements of pieces by Chopin and Bach, showcasing the diversity of the artform and the instruement. The renowned Uruguayan bandoneònist Hector Ulises Passarella will be accompanied by other prestigious Uruguayan musicians – including H.E. Nelson Yemil Chabén, Ambassador of Uruguay to the UAE on piano. A night exporing the riches of the instrument’s expressive, sombre and powerful sound.

‘La Cumparsita’ comes from ‘Comparsa’ meaning ‘Carnival’, the concert will transport audiences to the vivid atmosphere of 20th century South America, evoking a uniquely Uruguayan atmosphere of vivid emotions and intense cultural expression.

Héctor Ulises Passarella is considered one of the best bandoneòn players in the world and one of the most interesting composers of modern Tango. The unmistakable sound and the particular expressiveness of his phrasing have won him the admiration of public, critics and musicians as well as directors – from Emidio Greco to Michael Radford and Robert Duvall. He will be joined by acclaimed bandoneònist’s – his son Robert Passarella, Tania Colangeli and Marco Di Blasio. In this special celebratory concert, hosted in collaboration with the Embassay of Uruguay in the UAE, H.E. Nelson Yemil Chabén, Ambassador of Uruguay to the UAE will perform on piano.