This site specific program illuminates Trisha Brown’s fifty years of dances, recombining earlier works to be performed in unexpected locations.

Trisha Brown: In Plain Site, Trisha Brown Dance Company’s new performance program, allows Brown’s dances to be freed from the constrictions of the conventional stage and to be once again performed in unexpected locations. But unlike her previous site-specific adventures, Trisha Brown: In Plain Site mines and then recombines material from her vast repertory to accommodate the unique spatial demands of the particular venue.

Brown’s long-time dancers—and now hand- chosen associate artistic directors Carolyn Lucas and Diane Madden—visit the venue, collaborate with the presenting organization in the selection of a site and then decide the pieces that would best fit the selected location. They are re-thinking Brown’s work and finding new ways to express and share her genius. Drastically shortening the distance between the dance and its audience, Trisha Brown: In Plain Site engages the audience in a dramatically different way, illuminating Brown’s fifty years of investigation.

Note: This performance begins in the Black Box and then will travel to various non-seated locations throughout the campus.

Join us before the performance for the pre-show talks. See the schedule below.

All talks will be held at the Grace exhibit in the Project Space

Introduction to Modern Dance and How to Engage with Trisha Brown’s Work.

Thursday, Feb 23 @ 10am

  • Moderator: Yvette Campbell
  • Artist: Lee Serle

Friday, Feb 24 @ 10am

  • Moderator: Joanne Savio and NYUAD Student Sofia Gomez-Doyle
  • Artist: Lee Serle

Remembering Dance: Photographer as Dance Historian and Dance Notations as Form of Archiving Dance.

Friday, Feb 24 @ 3pm

  • Moderator:  Bryan Waterman
  • Artists: Lee Serle and Joanne Savio 

Training for Modern Dance: Techniques and Challenges

Saturday, Feb 25 @ 10am

  • Moderator: To be announced
  • Artist: Lee Serle

The Politics of Dance and Public Art

Saturday, Feb 25 @ 3pm

  • Proposed moderator: Deb Levine and Trajal Harrell 
  • Artist: Lee Serle

In the project space feb 9-25
Joanne Savio’s GRACE: A retrospective of dance portraiture and performance 1986 – 2004.