Described by The Wire as “one of the most consistently creative artists working today,” Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay is a producer and sound renegade from Finland.

Since the release of his self-released debut in 1997, Ripatti (born 1976) has been one of the few electronic producers to stand the test of time. Reinventing himself regularly, he takes electronic music where he pleases with a unique blend of depth and detail. He has always been, as he says, an independent personality, never quite where you expect him to be.

His music as Vladislav Delay is like a non-existing soundtrack for the underworld; murky, dark and constrained. Next moment, his productions under various aliases link to imaginary dance floors and challenge the club audiences and daring DJs alike.

Ripatti largely has walked his own path past the hype and genres for almost two decades. Hard to pin down or to predict what comes next, he continues to challenge and thrive with equal measure.

Join us for what sounds like a really fantastic concert of electronic music!