An award ceremony featuring 4 performances.

The Al Burda Award’s growth over the last fifteen years attests to the success of its founding principle: to be the definitive platform that seeks to gather minds and celebrate the varied disciplines of Islamic art. Through the Award, the UAE has engaged with the artistic communities of nineteen countries from around the world, and stood as a pillar for the recognition of contemporary Islamic artists from ten Arab nations.

The program for the evening covers:

  • 18:00 Al Burda Award Ceremony
  • 18:25 Emirati Al Malid with “Calligraffiti” Artist Karim Jabbari
  • 18:45 Bait Al Oud Performance
  • 19:05 Wafaa Emad (the new Umm Kulthum)
  • 19:15 International Music Ensemble “Cairo Steps”
  • 19:45 Closing

“As a nation with a foundational belief in promoting cultural and artistic dialogue, the United Arab Emirates is launching the Al Burda Festival as a new platform to cultivate Islamic creativity. The Festival will introduce younger generations to the diverse disciplines of Islamic art and culture, establishing broad intergenerational links that will encourage its continued global development.” – H.E. Noura Al Kaabi, UAE Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development