An eclectic and energetic mix of music from across the globe.

A musical adventure around the world with one of the world’s leading and most influential string quartets. Featuring an eclectic and energetic mix of music styles that will keep you captivated. This 60-minute show welcomes the whole family with a program filled with compositions from across the globe, including India, Egypt, Syria, Scotland, USA, and the Democratic Republic of Congo to name a few.
See below for the program.

Watch them perform The House of the Rising Sun

“The Kronos Quartet elevated a concert of music to a spiritual trip through our common humanity – it was universal, all-encompassing, fabulously inclusive.” – The Globe and Mail

The program for the afternoon includes

  • Islam Chipsy (arr. Jacob Garchik) / Zaghlala زغللةً * – Egypt
  • Ramallah Underground (arr. Jacob Garchik) / Tashweesh * – Palestine
  • Traditional (arr. Jacob Garchik) / God Shall Wipe All Tears Away + – USA
  • Omar Souleyman (arr. Jacob Garchik) / La Sidounak Sayyada + – Syria -
  • Traditional (arr. Jacob Garchik) / The House of the Rising Sun + – USA
  • N. Rajam (arr. Reena Esmail) / Dadra in Raga Bhairavi + – India
  • Konono No1 (arr. Jherek Bischoff) / Kule Kule + – Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Garth Knox / Satellites: III. Dimensions * – Scotland
  • Mario Galeano Toro / Microsurco de Liebre * – Colombia
  • Traditional (arr. Stephen Prutsman) / Wa Habibi (Beloved) + Lanon
  • Wu Man (arr. Danny Clay) / Four Chinese Paintings: IV. Silk and Bamboo 丝与竹 * – China
  • Written for Kronos

+ Arranged for Kronos