An innovative contemporary concert.

Saxophonist-clarinetist Emil Sein mixes music, dance, film, and interactive technology in this innovative contemporary concert, developed in collaboration with acclaimed performer/choreographer/installation artist Kiori Kawai. In The Gathering, each element explores its own boundary that is bent, blurred, dissolved, and merged into other elements.

The program for the evening:

  • Aurel Stroe

    1. Les EUMENIDES d’a2res ESCHYLE for two saxophones simultaneously

  • Robert Rowe
    1. Shells for soprano saxophone and tap / visuals / dance performance
  • Dinu Ghezzo
    1. Wind Rituals for saxophones / clarinets/ dance performance
    2. Interactive sound system / visuals: Aaron Sherwood
  • Carlos Guedes
    1. For baritone saxophone
  • Steve Reich
    1. New York Counterpoint for clarinet and tape visuals Kiori Kawai
    2. Movement in visuals: Kiori Kawai and Kristin Sundberg 
    3. New electronic arrangement Leonid Kuzmenko
  • Stefan Niculescu
    1. Chant-Son for two saxophones simultaneously
  • David Lesser
    1. Ubersetzung for bass clarinet
    2. Dance / Bettina Schober and Kiori Kawai
  • Aaron Sherwood
    1. Archtype visuals / sound / saxophones
    2. Dance performance Bettina Schober and Kiori Kawai