Conversations between the human, animal, and technological worlds.

Are humans a part of nature or separate from it? As we forge deeper into the anthropocene era, the ongoing geologic era in which humans are recognized the major force reshaping the globe, this philosophical question becomes increasingly complicated. Certainly no other species on earth has had such an impact, but our origins and fates are shared with the rest of the biosphere. Our species-wide integration with technology is unique, but genetics shows us to be not so dissimilar from our many cousins, while recombinant DNA blurs species boundaries further.

This is a program about fuzzy boundaries and the questions they raise: between humans and animals, humans and technology, and even animals and technology. In every case of such crossing, the things we find beyond these boundaries will reveal more about ourselves: our fears, our aspirations, our need to connect with another, somewhere.

Opening with a live-scored sci-fi documentary by Giulia Grossmann (Mars Society) and featuring new work by Noah Hutton (the techno-neurological Blue Brain Year 8), Alexis Gambis (transgenic oryx story Insan) and ISFF New York winners Allora & Calzadilla (The Great Silence).