Acclaimed oud player Sherine Tohamy presents her own compositions in addition to a collection of traditional Arab and international musical pieces with some of the finest musicians from Egypt and the Arab world.

Sherine Tohamy is the first female graduate of Bait Al Oud at the Cairo Opera House, where she received first class distinction. She is now oud instructor at Bait Al Oud Abu Dhabi. She has released two albums and performed in many concerts all over the world as a soloist or with international bands.

Sherine founded Al Sharq Ensemble in 2012, creating a new vision for Arabic music to represent a global language. Al Sharq has performed at venues including Manarat Al Saadiyat (Abu Dhabi) and the Tetouan International Oud Festival in Morocco. The band members are Sherine Tohamy, violinist Mohamed Mahdy, cellist Ahmed Taha, pianist Osama Saeed, and percussionist Kaled Abou Hegazi. As individual performers, composers, and arrangers, they have worked in the Egyptian Opera House, Egyptian Radio and Television, Jeddah Radio, and the Alexandria Orchestra.