Welcome to the world of Short+Sweet. A more creative world – ten-minutes at a time!

While this is only Abu Dhabi’s third year, the competition itself started in Sydney 15 years ago. Since then it has spread across the globe and is now in seven countries and over 23 cities. Short+Sweet arrived in the UAE in 2013, and has blossomed ever since.

Each year Short+Sweet worldwide presents around 500 of the best ten-minute plays in our festivals, utilizing the talents of the best young and established directors, actors, and technical personnel.

Each Short+Sweet Festival has three clear goals, in the following order:

  1. For the participants to have a positive experience
  2. For the audience to have a positive experience
  3. To create good theatre

Plays encompassing a broad variety of genres will be staged over two nights. In addition to the actors and directors being UAE-based, many of the plays being staged have been written by members of the capital’s theatre scene.

“Short+Sweet provides a wonderful opportunity for people to give writing, directing, or acting a go… whether you’re an experienced theatre practitioner or new to the world of theatre, Short+Sweet has something for everybody.” – Zakaia Cvitanovich, Festival Director of Short+Sweet Abu Dhabi 2018.