An epic evening of the complete Bach concertos for two, three and four pianos.

The Abu Dhabi Festival Recital Series continues its tradition of presenting the rising stars of tomorrow through a further collaboration with strategic partner Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel (QEMC). Frank Braley and Louis Lortie with Josquin Otal, Jonathan Fournel, Sergei Redkin and Victoria Vassilenko in a unique performance of these six celebrated works.

In partnership with Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, ADMAF, and Abu Dhabi Festival.

The program for the evening covers:

  • Bach concerto BWV 1060 do minor 2 pianos (14) – Victoria Vassilenko + Sergei Redkin
  • Bach concerto BWV1061 do majeur 2 pianos (17) – Josquin Otal + Jonathan Fournel
  • Bach concerto BWV 1062, do minor 2 pianos (16) – Louis Lortie + Frank Braley
  • Bach concerto BWV 1063, ré mineur 3 pianos (16) – Louis Lortie + Sergei Redkin+ Victoria Vassilenko
  • Bach concerto BWV 1064 do Majeur 3 pianos (16) – Jonathan Fournel + Frank Braley + Josquin Otal
  • Bach concerto BWV 1065 la mineur for 4 pianos (10) – Jonathan Fournel + Victoria Vassilenko + Sergei Redkin+ Josquin Otal