Sound Designer Chloe Thompson will take participants through a hands on workshop specifically working with audio programming (Max) and Ableton alive to manipulate and spatialize sounds and how those can be used in a performative setting. This workshop is highly limited and is best for those with some experience with sound design or a keen interest.

About the Instructor


Chloe Alexandra Thompson is a sound designer and artist who composes works of sonic minimalism using audio programming software, and acoustic instruments. Focused on live performance and spatial intervention, Thompson engineers multi-channel interplays of psycho-acoustics, live processed field recordings, and isolated frequencies. Fascinated by digital technology’s seemingly endless possibilities for experimentation, Thompson routinely collaborates with other artists to explore new avenues for electronic creation.

Thompson is formerly the Director of Technology at Portland media arts center Open Signal; presently she is working with artists to create atmospheric environments through manipulation of source and space. She is working with wave field synthesis as an associate of sound designer Bobby McElver.