A two part music workshop with Altin Gün and Lekhfa from day two of Barzakh Festival.

Part 1

Altin Gün: Reconstructing Traditional Music with a Modern Interpretation

Work with the entire Altin Gün band as they take you on a journey from their traditional Turkish Folk history to their modern interpretations of the music played live during the workshop.

Part 2

An interactive workshop where Tamer AbuGhazaleh, Maryam Saleh and Maurice Louca will dissect several tracks from their album Lekhfa, giving insight on the creative process around each track, the instrumentation, the role of the poetry and how it influenced the music making and the structures of the compositions.

Workshop participants will be invited to ask questions and probe deeper into the bands’ processes.

Thursday, March 7th @ 7PM
NYUAD Art Center (Meet at the Majilis)