Yaite Ramos Rodriguez aka La Dame Blanche and sequence producer, Marc Damblé will do a performative introduction to the Cuban musical culture. Talking about the bridges between African ancestral and classical music, offering the basics of her own culture: traditional Afro drums, classical flute and spiritual dances.

The Cuban singer, flautist, and percussionist Yaite Ramos Rodriguez, aka La Dame Blanche brings together hip hop, cumbia, dancehall and reggae, to create a powerful sound. Born out of her father, trombonist Jesus “Aguaje” Ramos’, legacy Rodriguez chose her own path to create a new music against her classical training. With a musical background and a strong stage presence this proved to be a natural progression. Her music carried with it a more urban sound that is supported by strong technique, mixed together to produce a fun sound that is based in Cuba but developed further.