Bring your family, clear a space in your living room, and get ready for an out-of-this-world robot themed dance party with Kid Koala.

Kid Koala streams an original soundtrack live into your home from his studio in Canada. The robot dancers showcase their moves… And you and your family get grooving.

Revive your outfit from September’s edition, craft a new droid-bot-hypo-max 2000 costume, or come as you are. Either way, round off the weekend with some fun.

Brought to you by internationally acclaimed turntable wizard Kid Koala, this is the second installment in the robot themed parties this season. If you joined us for the first installment on September 5th and submitted a video of your legendary robot creation, be on the lookout for your clip in the video stream.

Are you making a costume? See the DIY Robot Creation Guide we created for September’s party.* Download it here

About Kid Koala
Eric San, a.k.a Kid Koala, is a world-renowned scratch DJ, music producer, and award winning graphic novelist. He has released 6 solo albums, 4 on Ninja Tune:_ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome_ (2000), Some of My Best Friends Are DJs (2003), Your Mom’s Favorite DJ (2006) and_ 12 bit Blues_ (2012) and 2 on Arts & Crafts. He has published 2 graphic novels: Nufonia Must Fall (2003) and Space Cadet (2011). He has been involved in collaborations such as Gorillaz, Deltron 3030, and The Slew. Kid Koala has toured with Radiohead, the Beastie Boys, Money Mark, A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Shadow, and The Preservation.

An internationally recognized DJ, Kid Koala has worked on projects that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Jumping effortlessly between different genres, Kid Koala will focus on electronic music for a family-friendly show in Robot House Party. The three-part event will lead kids to build their own robot suits and dance in them.