Sxip hosts an idiosyncratic lineup of UAE-based artists which will surprise and delight.

Sxip’s Hour of Charm will surprise and delight with an idiosyncratic lineup of UAE-based artists. With a varied background as a circus composer, sound artist, electronic and folk musician, as well as creating compositions featuring stacked harmonicas, marbles spinning in bowls, vintage toys, dust brooms, bells, and slide-whistles. Sxip Shirey has hosted the Hour of Charm at Joe’s Pub, Lincoln Center, and National Sawdust, including such artists as Amanda Palmer, Reggie Watts, Rhiannon Giddens, and Scotty the Blue Bunny. For one night only, he’ll co-curate a revue of performers from the UAE community.

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Sxip Shirey is a composer/producer and performer based in New York City. He most recently toured internationally with the theater/circus arts production “LIMBO “which was developed between Strut N Fret productions in Australia and Underbelly in London with South Bank Center as a co­producer. Shirey teaches at the Norwegian Theater Academy in Fredrikstad Norway, which Shirey considers “The Black Mountain College of NOW”. Shirey has been a featured performer at TED. He wrote the music for the short film “Statuesque” written and directed by Neil Gaiman and staring Bill Nighy and most recently lead the band at Madonna’s Birthday Party in the Hamptons. Shirey is a 2011 United States Artist Fellow. His most recent album, entitled “Goodnight Little Machines” expected to be released in 2019.