Three Short Films by Palestinian Filmmakers

Screening of three short films, each centering on the theme of being stuck. Followed by a Q&A with Palestinian directors: Tarzan and Arab Nasser, Wisam Al Jafari, and Mahdi Fleifel.

The program includes:

1. Condom Lead by Tarzan and Arab Nasser (14 mins)

  • Premiered at Cannes Film Festival 2013
  • A story about tension between a married couple on the edge of time’s knife and in the crosshairs of war’s guns; a dream of the hope for intimacy and love in a brutal, divisive world.

2. Ambience by Wisam Al Jafari (15 mins)

  • Premiered at Cannes Film Festival 2019
  • Two young Palestinians try to record a demo for a music competition inside a noisy, crowded refugee camp. While failing to record because of the chaos of the place, they discover an authentic way to meet the deadline creatively.

3. 3 Logical Exits by Mahdi Fleifel (15 mins)

  • Premiered at Rotterdam International Film Festival 2020
  • A sociological meditation on the different exits that young Palestinians choose in order to cope with life in the refugee camps.