Cutting-edge electronic music, video and sound art, and improvisation.

ElectroFest Spring 2022 continues in its third edition, with a hugely varied program exploring the interfaces between performers, composers, audiences, and technology.

This year’s theme, SIGNALS centers on:

  • Gesture, action, sound, motion, information, time, voltage, current, wave, space, brain, synapse, network, transmitter
  • Interconnectivity between performers; audience; texts; domains
  • Information streams – digital, analogue, chemical

‘…as an electric system we’re always influenced by the waves that run through us. And the sound waves directly attack the whole skin, not only the eardrums. You can hear through the whole body.’ -Karlheinz Stockhausen (1974)

Spoken in 1974, Stockhausen’s words still resonate today, for signals dominate every aspect of our lives. Signals as a means of communication, as musical messages, material, correspondences, codes, waves, remnants of the living, broken fragments, feedback, crackle, static, audio hallucinations, voices of the lost, or perhaps ghosts. In their work, artists explore how sound can be used as a signal, acting as an impetus for video, movement, music, and the audience to respond to.

Presented by the NYUAD Music Program, the lineup for ElectroFest features works and performances by:

  • Carlos Guedes
  • Yerkebulan Imanbayev
  • Cristina Ioan
  • Kiori Kawai
  • James Kelly
  • Clare Lesser
  • David Lesser
  • Kacper Madejek
  • João Menezes
  • Aaron Sherwood
  • Joe Najm
  • Michael Shiloh

The Program for the Day:

  • 4:10pm – Michael Shiloh and Kristin Mueller – Robots: Live Mechanical Sound Installation and Performance
  • 4:30pm Aaron Sherwood and Kiori Kawai – Michi
  • 5:25pm – Cristina Ioan – NoaNoa for flute and electronics (Kaija Saariaho) and Miroloi Μοιρολόι (Dimitris Andrikopoulos)
  • 5:45pm – Clare Lesser and David Lesser – Catch 2 (Haubenstock-Ramati)
  • 6:05pm – Kacper Madejek – Embers of Ereb (us)
  • 6:15pm – Carlos Guedes, Michael Shiloh, and Clare Lesser
  • 6:55pm – Clare Lesser – Logosphere
  • 7:15pm – David Lesser – Monody (Roger Smalley)
  • 7:27pm – Joe Najm – Modular Improvisation
  • 7:47pm – Panel Discussion
  • 9:05pm – Yerkebulan Imanbayev – The Vitruvian Man
  • 9:20pm – James Kelly – Vinyl Minimalism
  • 9:50pm – João Menezes – Double Slit, live electronic music, and visuals