Want to get creative with filming and explore various film locations?

Join this two-part workshop with independent filmmaker and director Philip Rachid, as he shares insights on scouting unconventional locations and using creative approaches to filming. Participants will be given the opportunity to create their own micro film and receive critique on their final work.


Philip Rachid

Iraqi Kurdish filmmaker Philip Jamal Rachid was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and raised in Amsterdam, and currently resides in Dubai. He is a self-taught writer, director, producer and consultant. Philip’s love for cinema started when his grandmother worked at an art house cinema and took him along to watch films while babysitting. Hip hop has shaped him as an artist and he has been fortunate enough to tour with his B-Boy skills.

His independent films always encompass humanitarian themes. His first recognition came when he shot a short film on a Flip cam in Kurdistan in 2011. The film was screened at the Duhok International Film Festival and nominated in the San Diego Kurdish Youth Film festival. In 2014, he won the Samsung Short film competition at DIFF2014. In 2015 Philip won the Silver Act Responsible award in Cannes for a UN Female Rights awareness campaign. With his latest short films, he has been nominated and won numerous awards internationally.

“The Main Circle: 7.83” will be his first full length project.