Join B-Girl Lana Ramadan as she leads an introduction to all elements of breaking workshop.

Participants will learn how to blend the foundations of breaking with their own style. The workshop teaches the basics of toprock, drops, footwork, and basic freezes. The workshop aims to take you out of your comfort zone and go on a journey to create your own moves.


Lana Ramadan

Lana Ramadan, is a professional dancer, choreographer and stunt performer. Ambition beyond belief started from the bottom and is inspired by the best international pioneers. She is one of the few breakdancing females residing in the Middle East.
Her signature is a mesmerizing mix of breaking, hiphop, & martial arts. Lana’s limitless imagery takes form throughout projects that link her passions for acting, dancing, and choreographing.
Lana forms part of the group of dancers performing in The Main Circle 7.83