Immigrants, guest workers, pravasis, leave with hope. What do they leave behind? What do they become after leaving? What do they do in the places they leave for? Do they return? Grounded in the text of Deepak Unnikrishnan’s Temporary People, theatermaker Laila Soliman, in collaboration with Faustin Linyekula, explores the lives of the temporary people of Abu Dhabi in NYUAD Theater Program’s fall mainstage production.

Borrowing stories and its name from Deepak Unnikrishnan’s 2019 novel, Temporary People is about the people who leave – their stories and languages, silence and bodies. The piece delves into the lives of the temporary people of the Khaleej, and all of the emotions and vulnerabilities that come with it. Drawing from the varied cultures and histories of the cast, the project examines their shared experience of living in the transient city of Abu Dhabi.

This multidisciplinary project is created in collaboration with community members from across the NYUAD campus and professional artists.

After the show, join us for post show conversations that add more depth to the piece:

  • Nov 19: Journey from Design to Stage – moderated by Surabhi Sharma
  • Nov 20: Journey from Book to Performance – moderated by Abhishek Majumdar
  • Nov 21: Journey from Concept to Stage – moderated by Robert Vorlicky