Explore the creative potential of the digital tools we use in our everyday lives with Miwa Matreyek

Join us for an exciting workshop led by the renowned artist and performer, Miwa Matreyek. In this workshop, participants explore the creative potential of the digital tools we use in our everyday lives, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, as well as video conferencing platforms like Zoom and FaceTime. Through a series of guided exercises and collaborative activities, participants will explore the intersection of the hand-made and the digital, and use these tools to create short, compelling narratives.


Miwa Matreyek

Miwa Matreyek is an animator, designer, and performer currently based in Vancouver BC. She has been an internationally touring independent artist since 2010. Coming from a background in animation, Miwa Matreyek creates live, staged performances where she interacts with her animations as a shadow silhouette, at the intersection of cinematic and theatrical, fantastical and tangible, illusionistic and physical. Her work exists in a dreamlike visual space that makes invisible worlds visible, often weaving surreal and poetic narratives of conflict between man and nature. Her work exists both in the realm of the hand-made and digital. She travels as a one-woman show, often incorporating artist talks and workshops.

She performs her interdisciplinary shadow performances all around the world, including animation/film festivals, theater/performance festivals, art museums, science museums, and tech conferences. A few past presenters include TED, MoMA, SFMoMA, White Light Festival at Lincoln Center, Sundance New Frontier, Fusebox Festival, TBA festival, Future of Storytelling conference, ISEA conference, Carnegie Museum of Natural History and many more. She has also performed at many universities, including Texas A&M, Boston University, USC, UC San Diego, CalArts, University of Michigan, Western Carolina University, and more.

She received her MFA for Experimental Animation and Integrated Media from CalArts in 2007.

She is also a co-founder and core-collaborator of the multi-media theater company, Cloud Eye Control.

She is a recipient of the Sherwood Award (2016), Creative Capital Award (2013), Princess Grace Award (2007), and Princess Grace Foundation’s Special Projects award (2009, 2012, 2019). Cloud Eye Control is a recipient of several awards and grants including MAP fund (2013), National Theater Project grant by NEFA (2013), NPN Creation Fund (2008). Infinitely Yours won the Golden Nica for Computer Animation at Prix Ars Electronica (Austria) in 2020.