Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger leads participants through a workshop focused on urban dance techniques.

Participants will be introduced to the vocabulary and gestures of urban dance, and will learn the techniques of breathing and undulation during movements. The workshop is open to all dancers with varying styles and levels, and to those who are curious to learn a new dance style.

Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger (Tangiers Acrobatic Troupe)

At the roots of the Tangiers Acrobatic Troupe is an inspired woman: Sanae El Kamouni, who gathered a group of Moroccan acrobats in 2013 for a project featuring new contemporary acrobatic creations. Convinced that a new history could be invented with these artists, she asked director Aurélien Bory to join her in Tangiers and create the first contemporary Moroccan acrobatics show. Several shows were created – TAOUB (Aurélien Bory- 2004), Chouf Ouchouf (Zimmermann & de Perrot-2009), Azimut (Aurélien Bory 2013), and Halka (collective creation of the Tangiers Acrobatic Troupe with the participation of Abdeliazide Senhadji – 2016).

The Tangiers Acrobatic Troupe puts popular culture at the heart of its project, a militant and democratic culture, accessible to all. Questioning, conserving, and giving value to Moroccan acrobatics are its priorities. It bases its operations on the constant search for links between ancestral art and contemporary creation, and a territory and its population. In this double-dialectic that characterizes it, tradition and contemporary creation and Moroccan and French, The Tangiers Acrobatic Troupe brings us face to face with extraordinary world subjects of today and takes its place in the ranks of the most innovative quests in contemporary acrobatics