Experience theater maker Ahmed El Attar’s actor training method in this 4 hour long practical acting workshop. The method draws from French theater director and visual artist Jean Michel Bruyère some thirty years ago; it is based on improvisation exercises that increase the awareness of the actor’s tools by dissecting and developing them, allowing the actor to use them fully while building a character.

It aims to tackle the paradox of the actor: how to be able to create a character that is at the same time real but not a cliché, a character that clearly carries their spirit but that is not them, and a character that is identifiable by the audience but is unique.

Ahmed El Attar

Ahmed El Attar is a theater director and playwright. He is the founder and artistic director of the Temple Independent Theatre Company; founder of Orient Productions for Film and Theatre; and founder and General Manager of Studio Emad Eddin Foundation that provides rehearsal, residency and training space to performing artists in Cairo. His works, which address socially relevant themes, have been performed to critical acclaim throughout the Arab world and internationally. El Attar earned a BA in Theatre from the American University in Cairo (1992) and an MA in Arts and Cultural Management from Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle (2001), and was a Chevening scholar on the Clore Leadership Programme, UK (2009).

He was born in 1969 in Cairo, where he continues to live and work.